<i>James Bond Destinations</i> Book By Assouline

James Bond Destinations Book By Assouline

Explore over 60 years of 007 locations in new book

James Bond Destinations, a new book chronicling the iconic locations of 007’s adventures, has been published by luxury lifestyle publisher Assouline.

Written by Daniel Pembrey, James Bond Destinations explores many of the Bond franchise’s stunning settings that feature in 007’s international itineraries. As the cinematic standard was set with Bond’s debut in 1962’s Dr. No, 007 forever became the quintessential travelling secret agent, journeying from monasteries in Meteora and baroque Venetian palazzos to marble palaces in India and ancient Egyptian temples. The 25 Bond films have included more than a hundred incredible locations.  

“These destinations are not just backgrounds, or even backgrounds that simply inform characters. In our movies, they are characters,” said producers Michael G. Wilson and Barbara Broccoli.

The franchise has established itself as inspiration for international travel, showcasing unspoilt beaches, mystical mountains and glamorous cityscapes. “You have to find places that haven’t been seen, or you have to think of doing something spectacular in a well-known place, as we did with the chase through Rome in 2015’s Spectre,” added producer Michael G. Wilson. 

Each chapter is filled with on-set stories, memorable scenes and production photography that captures the craft of making a Bond film. James Bond Destinations is the perfect travel companion to look back on six decades of 007. 

James Bond Destinations is available now in hardback at 007Store.com priced at £100.

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