Focus Of The Week: Felix Leiter

Focus Of The Week: Felix Leiter

Bond’s reliable CIA ally

In Casino Royale (2006), Bond and Felix Leiter (Jeffrey Wright) meet for the first time at the casino in Montenegro. After Vesper Lynd refuses 007 further funds in the high stakes poker game, Leiter gives Bond $5 million to buy back in. In return the CIA will get to apprehend Le Chiffre once 007 has cleaned him out.

In Quantum Of Solace (2008) Leiter works under CIA South American Section Chief Gregory Beam. Leiter criticises the CIA’s involvement with Dominic Greene. In La Paz, Beam involves Leiter in a trap to kill Bond. Leiter tips Bond off and informs him that General Medrano cannot take over the Bolivian government until Greene bribes the Colonel of Police. In Spectre (2015), Bond gives widow Lucia Sciarra Leiter’s number and tells her he will help her to safety.

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