Bond And The Macallan’s Shared Scottish Heritage

Bond And The Macallan’s Shared Scottish Heritage

Producers discuss 007’s roots in Scotland

James Bond and The Macallan are bound together by a shared Scottish heritage. In a video series from the master whisky distillers directed by Angelica Zollo, producers Michael G. Wilson and Barbara Broccoli discuss Bond’s Scotland.

“His Scottish roots were really fundamental to who he was as a character,” Broccoli explains of James’ upbringing at Skyfall Lodge. “When it got to the point in the story where Bond had to find the most remote place where he could keep M safe, he thought about his childhood home.”

The new video series marks the latest collaboration between 007 and The Macallan. Last October for Bond’s 60th anniversary, a limited edition collection of six bottles was released each detailing a different decade of 007 with bespoke imagery.

The official whisky partner of the James Bond franchise, The Macallan featured in Skyfall and Spectre.

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