Appears In
You Only Live Twice 

On Film
Japanese agent Aki drives a white Toyota 2000 GT, using the sports car to take Bond to a meeting with Dikko Henderson. She then uses the car to twice rescue Bond outside Osata Industries HQ, to lead SPECTRE agents on a chase out of Tokyo and to travel to Kobe to investigate the Ning-Po container ship.

The Vehicle
The 2000 GT marked Toyota’s debut in the sports car market and the car boasted a 2.0-litre inline 6-cylinder engine fed by triple carburettors. It had a five-speed gearbox and could muster around 148bhp. The cool styling featured pop-up headlamps and wrap-around side windows and windscreen. Only 351 were made and no convertibles were sold to the public.

The Production
Two cars were used for filming in Tokyo in July 1967 and they are unique. Sean Connery was too large to sit gracefully inside the standard coupe, prompting Toyota to transform two of its production models into soft-tops for use on screen. The work was completed quickly, in just two weeks, with the rough edges masked by the use of a black tonneau cover. One of the cars used for filming was discovered in Hawaii in 1977 and was returned to Japan and restored, where it now takes pride of place in the Toyota Museum. The fate of the other is unclear.

Closed-circuit telecommunications system – built into rear seat