Mustang Mach 1

Mustang Mach 1

Film – Diamonds Are Forever

Diamonds Are Forever sees 007 on the trail of villains in Las Vegas – who attempt to have him arrested. He drives his way out of trouble in Tiffany Case’s powerful Mustang. With the Las Vegas Police Department on his tail, Bond puts the Mustang Mach 1 through its paces. In his bid to evade pursuers, Bond uses the car to jump over parked cars, and even balances the car on two wheels, allowing it to slip through a narrow alleyway. The distinctive throaty roar as 007 revs up the Mach 1 gives a clue to the impressive 7-litre Ford engine beneath the bonnet. It’s the Mustang’s specially stiffened suspension that allows Bond to turn the car on its side.

Raked Windscreen The front of the 1971 Mustang is as aerodynamic as the rear, with a severely raked windscreen. Windscreen wipers are concealed behind the upturned bonnet edge.

Naca air scoops Originally designed by the National Advisory Committee for Aeronautics – which later became NASA – these air intakes are seen on racing cars. The flush inlets reduce drag and disturb airflow less than protruding scoops.

Fastback rear The Mach 1’s fastback styling is the work of legendary car designer Larry Shinoda, who also worked on the Corvette Stingray. The fastback is aerodynamic and gives the Mach 1 its famous ‘slippery’ look. 

Competition suspension The 1971 Mach 1 Mustang comes with tuned suspension. High-rate springs, shocks and stabiliser bars make it stiffer at speed.

After Bond’s breakout from Whyte Tectronics, he escapes with Tiffany in her Mustang. But the Las Vegas sheriff has been tipped off about the ‘saboteur’ and a police chase is on.