Jaguar C-X75

Jaguar C-X75

Film Spectre

Bond infiltrates a Spectre meeting in Rome convened to elect a replacement for the terrorist Marco Sciarra, whom he has killed. His presence is revealed and a night-time chase ensues through narrow streets, around Vatican City and along the Tiber, with the brutal Mr. Hinx at the wheel of the prototype C-X75. Both supercars exceed speeds of 100mph, and drive down 68 steps of the Scalo de Pinedo to the riverside. The C-X75 concept car, developed with Williams Advanced Engineering of Formula 1 fame, debuted in 2010 at the Paris Motor Show.

Body – Each stunt car was built around a tubular space frame chassis with composite body panels. The tubing was very thick for maximum protection. 

Brakes – ABS and traction control were removed and hydraulic brakes added for the most dramatic handbrake turns. 

Suspension – The suspension was lengthened and used the same springs and dampers as a rally car. This softened the landing from jumps. 

Top speed – Jaguar wanted to rival the Bugatti Veyron for speed. The first prototype exceeded 200mph. Its acceleration was 0-60 mph in less than three seconds and 0-100 mph in less than six seconds, thanks to the 7-speed automated manual transmission that enabled gearshifts in under 200 milliseconds. 

Engine – The stunt C-X75 was fitted with a simpler and less costly 5-litre supercharged V8 engine from the F-type. Its eight-speed automatic gearbox was too long for the C-X75, so they used the same transmission as in a McLaren 650S GT3 competition car. 

Stunt car – The existing C-X75 prototypes, with their lined cabins and highly finished exteriors, were far too valuable to use for anything other than static or slow shots. Therefore, models were built and adapted to handle extreme stunt sequences, such as sudden handbrake turns and jumping. 

The hybrid show car built to celebrate 75 years of Jaguar made a spectacular guest appearance in Spectre – pursuing Bond’s DB10 into the Rover Tiber – and was the only time the public would see its supercar performance for real. 

Mr Hinx, the silent killer, is one of SPECTRE’s most terrifying agents. Although he misses Bond in Italy in the Jaguar C-X75, the two meet again in the Austrian Alps and on a train in Morocco, where a grim fight takes place. Hinx utters his one line in the film – an expletive  as he is dragged from the train by a string of barrels.