Aston Martin DB5

Aston Martin DB5

Films Goldfinger, Thunderball, GoldenEye, Tomorrow Never Dies, Casino Royale, Skyfall, Spectre, No Time To Die

The Aston Martin DB5 is easily the most famous Bond Car. It has appeared in eight films from Goldfinger to No Time To Die, often making use of its arsenal of hidden weapons. Sophisticated, powerful and packed with gadgets, it was first introduced in Goldfinger; fitted with rotating number plates, extendable overriders, a tracking device, a bulletproof screen, smoke canisters, tyre slashers, an oil slick, spikes for disabling pursuers, hidden machine guns and even an ejector seat. When it returned in Thunderball, it had gained powerful water cannons. It has been updated since then, to feature upgraded machine guns and mines. No Time To Die was its eighth appearance, and was the fourth time that weaponry has been shown in action.

Tracking Signal – Hidden behind wing mirror.

Hydraulic overriders – Front and rear hydraulic overriders can be used as battering rams.

Changing number plate – On the latest version of the DB5 the number plate was an LED that can change the car’s registration at the press of a button. On the Goldfinger version, three different registrations were fitted to a triangular unit that changed them by rotating.

Machine guns – The upgraded DB5 has rotary M134 miniguns that are concealed behind the headlamps.

Control panel – Controls for the defence systems are hidden in the driver’s armrest, and a phone headset is built into the door. The dashboard conceals the tracking device audio-visual unit, for pinpointing the location of Q’s homer device within a range of 240km.

Weapons tray – It has never been seen on film, but a tray under the drivers seat contains a folding rifle with telescopic sight, a knife, and hand grenade.

Protective shield – A bulletproof steel plate can be raised to protect the rear window from heavy gunfire. The front windscreen and side and rear windows are bulletproof.

Ejector seat – Operated by a button in the top of the gear stick, this fires an enemy passenger through a section of the roof.

Tyre slasher – Blades spin outwards from the rear wheel hub, extending to 60cm.

Rear weapons – Concealed behind the rear lights are a high-powered oil jet and a pipe that fires triple-spiked nails over the road to burst pursuing cars’ tyres.

Mini mines – As seen in No Time To Die round 20 mini mines are contained on a small shelf fitted just behind their rear bumpers which, when tilted, spilled the explosive cargo all over the road.

Smoke screen – Also in No Time To Die’s model, a smokescreen was achieved by injecting smoke oil straight into the exhaust manifold, which allowed smoke to be released – the car fills the entire ‘Donut Square’ with smoke in just one revolution.

The No Time To Die DB5 features miniguns hidden by headlamps that fire dozens of rounds at high speed. The DB5’s bodywork has been reinforced to give 007 as much protection as possible from enemy gunfire.