Aston Martin DB10

Aston Martin DB10

Film Spectre

Built at Q Branch for 007, reassigned to 009, then ‘borrowed’ by 007 for a clandestine trip to Rome, this spectacular supercar gives Bond the power and gadgetry to escape Hinx.

After Bond is found spying on a SPECTRE meeting, he escapes in the DB10. The supercar has “a few little tricks up her sleeve”, according to Q. Bond has no idea what those tricks are, as he pushes the prototype to its limits in a bid to lose Hinx’s closely matched Jaguar C-X75, The DB10’s speed and handling – and Bond’s driving skill – keep him just ahead of his pursuer. In a collaborative ‘first’ for the Bond series, Aston Martin created the DB10 exclusively for the movie, eight of which were used for filming.

Sound system – ATMOSPHERE provides in-car music for agent 009.

Engine  The supercar’s engine is a 6.0 Litre 48-valve V12 with 510hp (380kW) at 6500 rpm, which gives the car a top speed of 307 km/h.

Body Armour – Described by Q as “fully bulletproof”, the DB10’s body armour proves its worth as Bond escapes SPECTRE’s nighttime meeting in Rome and drives off in a shower of bullets that do no more than bounce off the bodywork and windows. 

Ejector Seat – The EJECT switch on the gear stick jettisons the roof and fires the driver’s seat into the air. 

Air – Deploying the AIR switch triggered a rapid series of events: the steering wheel retracts; the driver’s parachute fastens automatically; and the EJECT switch under the flip cap of the gear stick is revealed.

Machine Gun – The BACKFIRE switch operates a sentry machine gun which extends from the Aston Martin wings badge at the rear of the car.

Heads up display – A digital targeting overlay on the rear window enables the machine gun to lock onto its target before firing.

Q’s makeshift switches mounted on the dash provide Bond with valuable assistance in their chase. However, their labels – BACKFIRE, ATMOSPHERE, EXHAUST and AIR – do not make their function immediately clear. 

Bond takes the DB10 before it is fully equipped and is frustrated that not all of its special features have been installed. However, the EXHAUST switch does fire two very powerful jets of flame from the back of the DB10.