Royal Mint Six Decades Of 007 Collection

Royal Mint Six Decades Of 007 Collection

The series begins with a 1960s coin featuring Little Nellie

With unique coins dedicated to every era of Bond, The Royal Mint introduces the Six Decades of 007 collection. This exclusive series features six designs – each representing a different decade – minted in a range of different metals and denominations.

The first to be released is the 1960s coin featuring Little Nellie from You Only Live Twice set against a backdrop of the six Bond ‘60s film titles. 

Discussing the design process, The Royal Mint designer Christian Davies commented: “‘Little Nellie’ was a real challenge. It’s such a complex machine; there are so many struts, pipes and mechanical parts to it that it needed to be simplified in the design process without losing the essence of the vehicle. We managed to spend about a week just exploring how the propeller ought to be depicted.”

The collection includes a £5 Crown Brilliant Uncirculated coin, bullion and gold and silver proof editions in ¼ oz, 1 oz and 2 oz variants. Explore it now at

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