A View To A Kill

A View To A Kill


A microchip James Bond recovers from the body of 003 in Siberia is a copy of one that is impervious to the magnetic pulse of a nuclear blast. It is made by a company recently acquired by Anglo-French combine Zorin Industries, so Bond is assigned to investigate Max Zorin. In Paris, Bond meets detective Aubergine to find out about Zorin, but Aubergine is killed by Zorin’s bodyguard May Day. Bond poses as a horse trainer to infiltrate Zorin’s equestrian estate, but his cover is blown and Zorin tries to drown him. 007 survives and tracks Zorin to San Francisco, where Zorin is planning Project Main Strike: the destruction of Silicon Valley by detonating explosions in mines beneath lakes and flooding the Hayward and San Andreas faults. With help from geologist Stacey Sutton, Bond sabotages Zorin’s scheme. Finding an unexpected ally in May Day, whom Zorin has betrayed, Bond prevents the main explosion from detonating. As Zorin escapes in his airship, he kidnaps Stacey. The final confrontation between Bond and Zorin is atop the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco, where Zorin falls to his death.


Roger Moore, Christopher Walken, Tanya Roberts, Grace Jones, Patrick Macnee, Patrick Bauchau, David Yip, Fiona Fullerton, Manning Redwood, Alison Doody, Willoughby Gray, Desmond Llewelyn, Robert Brown, Lois Maxwell, Walter Gotell, Geoffrey Keen, Jean Rougerie, Daniel Benzali, Bogdan Kominowski, Papillon Soo, Mary Stavin, Dolph Lundgren, Bill Ackridge


Albert R. Broccoli
Michael G. Wilson


John Glen

Release Date

13 June 1985 (UK)
24 May 1985 (USA)

World Premiere

22 May 1985, Palace of Fine Arts, San Francisco, USA


Iceland; Paris and Chateau Chantilly, France; London and Pinewood Studios, England


“A View To A Kill” – performed by Duran Duran, written by Duran Duran and John Barry


Tibbett’s silver 1962 Roll-Royce Silver Cloud II; Renault 11 taxi; Zorin’s airships; Iceberg submarine; Stacy’s Jeep Cherokee (XJ); Pola Ivanova’s silver Chevrolet Corvette C4


  • Walther PPK 7.65mm
  • Camera ring
  • Shaver bug detector
  • Polarising sunglasses
  • Cheque book copier
  • Remote triggered implant
  • ‘Snooper’ surveillance robot
  • Avalanche-rescue receiver
  • Computer mirror camera
  • Limpet mines
  • Micro-comparator
  • Sharper Image credit card
  • Thermos bomb


For A View To A Kill, 1985 Bond (Roger Moore) dons a ski suit for a 4th time on location in Lake Jökulsárlón, Iceland and Piz Palü on the Vedretta di Scerscen Inferiore glacier, Swiss Alps doubling for Siberia

Bond escapes his pursuers by jumping into an ice floe getaway vehicle with a Union Jack hatch. His co-pilot, agent Kimberley Jones, was played by Mary Stavin, Miss World 1977, who had also been in Octopussy

Although snowboarding had been seen in a short French film in 1983 – it made its debut in a major feature film in A View To A Kill

Tom Sims, snowboard pioneer and World Snowboard Champion (1982) along with Steve Link doubled for Roger Moore for the snowboarding sequences

Stunt skier John Eaves mainly doubled for Roger Moore in the skiing and snowmobiling sequences

The film was Moore’s seventh and final appearance as 007

The production was set back after the 007 stage was burnt down during filming of Ridley Scott’s Legend, meaning the stage had to be re-built

The film was Lois Maxwell’s final appearance as Miss Moneypenny

A lot of the dialogue between Roger Moore and Patrick Macnee was improvised

Patrick Macnee drove Cubby Broccoli’s real Rolls Royce in the film

During filming in San Francisco, Maud Adams visited the set to see Moore, and appeared as an extra