Mix With The Masters Music Production Series

Mix With The Masters Music Production Series

Go behind the music of the No Time To Die theme

Music production tutorial series, Mix With The Masters, presents a 90 minute special on the creation of No Time To Die’s Oscar and Grammy-winning title song.

Cameras take you on a journey through every step of the music production process with interviews and demonstrations from Finneas O’Connell, Hans Zimmer, Stephen Lipson and Rob Kinelski. Filmed in London and Los Angeles, the film gives an inside look into the studios of all four members of the music production team behind No Time To Die as they discuss the technical and creative decisions that brought the song to life.

Finneas tells the story of how he and Billie were given 20 pages of the script and asked to pitch a song for the fifth and final Daniel Craig 007 adventure back in 2019. Finneas demonstrates how it all started with a simple piano motif and how the duo worked around the clock to record the song whilst on the road.

Hans Zimmer, the film’s score composer, shares his initial reaction to the song and how it evolved during the production process. He recounts how the song inspired him and introduces the all-star team that contributed to the final production. In London, Stephen Lipson walks through his approach to producing the record with Finneas, showing how he used time-stretching, tempo shifts and focussed rearrangements to finesse the track, as well as one drastic last-minute change that won over Daniel Craig. Rob Kinelskiwe gives a final inside look at the mixing process where he reveals the final arrangement that brought the song over the finish line and out into the world.

Watch HERE.

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