Handcraft Your Very Own Aston Martin DB5

Handcraft Your Very Own Aston Martin DB5

1:8 scale 007 model kit subscription now available

With a monthly subscription from Agora Models, you can now enjoy building your very own museum-quality 1:8 scale Silver Birch DB5 from No Time To Die. The car is an exact replica of Bond’s Matera vehicle complete with LED changing number plates, tyre slashers, bulletproof glass, M134 mini-guns that extend from behind the headlights, mine dispenser with dropping mini-mines, full command control panel with slider smokescreen control, working ejector seat with button and roof markings. It also includes replicas of the distinctive side strakes that were used to eject shells from the mini-guns, chrome bumpers, and 12-inch crossbow wheels. You can even choose to reflect the extensive damage caused in the Matera attack, or keep the model in pristine condition!

Agora Models have worked closely with Aston Martin and EON Productions to create these specialist model kits designed from the original plans, photography and intricate laser scanning. There are over 500 pieces, all body parts arrive pre-painted and the car will be completed in 12 months. No painting and very little gluing is required, just a screwdriver that comes in Box 1.

Agora Models offer premium quality kits and ship globally from USA, UK, Australia, EU and Japan hubs. The DB5 subscription is available to pre-order now at 007Store.com.