<i>Cypher 007</i> Mobile Game Launches

Cypher 007 Mobile Game Launches

Experience Bond's Latest Mission on Apple Arcade

Cypher 007 is a new James Bond action-adventure mobile game available exclusively on Apple Arcade.  

In this top-down game, the player becomes Agent 007 and visits some of Bond’s most iconic moments. Blofeld, criminal mastermind and head of SPECTRE has hatched a plan to sabotage Bond.  This time he has utilised a brainwashing technique known as CYPHER, holding Bond captive in a trance like state in an attempt to turn him into the ultimate double agent. Bond’s mission is to escape the mind trap, defeat Blofeld and shut down the CYPHER program by gathering intel and using spycraft to overcome obstacles as threats get progressively more difficult.

Players embark on a refreshing yet nostalgic journey alongside beloved characters: M, Q, and Moneypenny. While the essence of the characters remains timeless, none of them mirror any specific cast from the films. The gameplay sees players interact with gadgets, collectables, and enemies and the missions all have multiple paths to completion.

“Alongside MGM and Tilting Point, we developed a narrative that explores the psychological depths of James Bond, a facet that Ian Fleming beautifully portrayed in his novels but is a challenge to visually represent,” Gregg Wilson, associate producer explains. “This game, with its unique storyline, provides an immersive way of experiencing the complex world of the character.”  

The narrative’s core concept – Bond retracing steps from his previous missions – provided an opportunity to handpick the most iconic and exhilarating locations from Bond’s cinematic history. The team collaborated closely with crew members such as Neal Callow from the films’ Art Department to ensure the game’s visual elements and gadgets aligned with the distinctive aesthetic of our franchise.

Players will receive a 007 ranking that may be improved by progression through the game as well as performance on specific missions. Each ranking will be visible on a leaderboard so players will be able to see how they perform versus other players worldwide.

Cypher 007, available exclusively on Apple Arcade. Click here to download and play today.

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