Discover the New 007 Special Issue Pens

Discover the New 007 Special Issue Pens

Montegrappa releases new fountain pen and rollerball

Following the release of the limited-edition 007 Spymaster Duo, Montegrappa introduces the 007 Special Issue, a sleek, all-metal design focused on portability and stealth. Precision-machined from black aluminium and brass, the open edition has industrial lines and sandblasted surfaces.

Engineered by Montegrappa in Italy, the 007 Special Issue is released in a high performance 14K gold nib fountain pen and rollerball. Design elements include a brass blind cap, aluminium grip section, 007 shadow logo and unique hollow-point cap top with a rifled alloy insert, paying homage to the iconic gun barrel opening sequence. Covert details include minimalist trims, a discreet, low-profile clip, and an all-black aesthetic with precision machining at key grip points.

Mission-ready, the 007 Special Issue is practical for all writing assignments and comes with a companion 007 notebook and zip case, with spare cartridges and refills.

The rollerball is £675 and in stock now at, the fountain pen is £1,165 and available to order with a two week delivery time.