Bond Heads to Beaulieu

Bond Heads to Beaulieu

Bond In Motion plays host to 50 years of cars, girls and very brave stuntmen

Posted 22.01.2012

The undeniable stars of the Bond In Motion exhibition are the 50 vehicles themselves, but as the ribbon fell on opening day, the iconic machines found themselves vying for attention alongside a brace of former Bond girls, actors, stuntmen and television crews from around the world.

Marking half a century of 007’s performance on the silver screen, the exhibition was declared open by Lord Montagu’s son, Hon Ralph Montagu, who was helped in cutting the ribbon by no less than four ex Bond girls, including Britt Ekland (THE MAN WITH THE GOLDEN GUN), Eunice Gayson (DR. NO, FROM RUSSIA WITH LOVE), Jenney Hanley (ON HER MAJESTY’S SECRET SERVICE) and Madeline Smith (LIVE AND LET DIE).

Also in attendance was Colin Salmon, who played the impeccable MI6 Chief of Staff, Charles Robinson, plus legendary stunt co-ordinator Vic Armstrong, who joined the Bond team with 1967’s YOU ONLY LIVE TWICE and wing commander Ken Wallis, who flew his own invention, the ‘Little Nellie’ gyrocopter in the same film (mainly because in 1967 he was the only man who knew how a gyrocopter worked).

Bond In Motion will be open throughout the year. For more information call 01590 612345 or visit